Her gift: Many generations handed down, giving her the God Given Gift of sensing, hearing & seeing what the future holds, the parts of the present which you can not, whether it be finances, romance, health, or other matters.

Judy can connect you with loved ones that have passed. She has the gift of connecting with the living or the deceased, whether it be a missing person, criminal investigation, or haunting.




Experience a reading from Professional, Confidental, Master Psychic Deserie. With well over two decades experience, Deserie has developed her own unique method of Gem Divination. With this method you will experience the true revelation of your inner self and obtain insightful guidance for the future.

Deserie also employs the following divination methods: Palmistry, Astrology, Znaki (Slavic/Baltic Rues), Tea Leaves, and the ancient art of Phrenology.




As a Certified Psychic/Medium, Christine is able to consciously commune with Spirit and bring messages through to her clients and audiences. She intentionally uses her readings to be of loving service. She had her first encounter with Spirit when she was 4, and obtained her first Tarot deck from her father.

“Hardships in my own life have made me stronger, stoking within me a steady fire of compassion and understanding for others’ experiences. Working with clients to assist them to greater peace, clarity and acceptance is the honor of a lifetime, and I take my unique calling as a treasured trust.”




Rich and Ginger started with Para-X: Behind The Veil last year, and are returning for another great event. Their method of divination is the Tarot.

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