Hello, Vendors! We have your seating chart ready for you! Tell your family and friends exactly where they can find you!



(1) Stage area – Chuck Lehman/ Crystal Bed

(2) Kat Clark – Magical supplies

(3) Kat Clark – Magical supplies

(4) Kat Clark – Magical Jewelry

(5) Rich and Ginger Maglione – Tarot

(6) Animal Rescue Force

(7) Robert Oberholtzer – Reiki

(8) Terri Colfer – Perfectly Posh

(9) Chris DiCesare – author/hauntings

(10) Lecture Area

(11) Brian McKinley – author

(12) Robbin McGeady- Jezebel & Raven’s Grace

(13) Karen Timper & Richard Kimmel – authors/ traveling museum

(14) Michele Moloizak – minerals and crystals

(15) Natalie Mauriello – Young  Living Oils

(16) Lauren Curtis – art/ jewelry

(17) Sacred Rose Herb & Root – plants, piotions, etc.

(18) Happy Harpy – jewelry

(19) Reyna Favis – author

(20) Moon on the Water- reader/vendor

(21) Justin Bamforth – author

(22) Judy Kay – psychic

(23) Jacqueline Shibla – Trinity Magickal

(24) Trinity Magical

(25) Brittany Creations

(26) Christine Barath – psychic

(27) Blessed Be Garden

(28) Marie Gilbert – psychic/author/vendor

(29) Chucky Farms – hot sauce

Match your number/s to the chart and you’ll see where you’ll be, and who your neighbors are.

On the morning of the event, look for the folding chair with your number taped on the back rest. I will also be giving each vendor a small number sheet and pin for your tablecover, so people can more easily identify your booth.

Any questions, e-mail me at: katrclark@yahoo.com




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