Greetings, Vendors! I’m looking forward to a really great show! To make sure everything runs smoothly, let’s review a few housekeeping points:

Set-up: The event starts at 11am sharp. You can start setting up at 9am. If you are local, you can begin setting up the night before, Starting at 7pm (Friday Sept. 29).

Signage: Many of us have banners. Some vendors attach these to the fronts of their tables, which is fine. Those of you on the perimeter may want to attach signage to the wall behind you. This is possible if done with respect. I recommend Command hooks, which can be attached, and removed, without marking the wall. Otherwise, the use of easels would be best.

Readers/ Service Providers: All of you have paid a set amount for your space. What you charge for readings and/or services is determined by you. PLEASE HAVE A SIGN THAT CLEARLY SHOWS YOUR PRICE, AND LENGTH OF SESSION. Our attendees should not have to guess how much we’re charging. Also, this prevents folks from interrupting your readings/ sessions in order to inquire. (You all know this happens!) Also, consider bringing a timer, and a sign-up sheet.

Assistants: Just a reminder: your fee includes free admission for 1 assistant. Anyone else coming with you will be charged $5 admission.

Event Staff: We do have volunteers who will be there to man the ticket table, answer questions, and help “babysit” your table should you need restroom breaks, food breaks, etc. Bear in mind that these are volunteers, not “fetches” (as we Irish say). They are NOT going to fetch food for you from the bar or kitchen. They WILL sit at your table so YOU can get your own food. Also, folks from the Elks have, in the past, taken orders and delivered to your table. All food is separate from the event and is paid out-of-pocket by you.

Show Time: The event runs from 11am-6pm. You are expected to remain for the duration. Also, there are 3 free vendor’s basket. The winner will be picked right after the show. They’re full of LOVELY stuff! (I know. I’m the one providing them, along with my buddy Claude!). If your name is drawn, and you no there, you no win. Event staff, and your 1 free assistant, are also eligible to win. Want to see the baskets? Look on the blog! (You all should be checking it anyway!)

Spaces: I have worked hard to make sure folks needing electric are near outlets. I also made sure that friends who wish to be near each other are in the same area. See the floor plan and vendor list on the blog. Also, there will be a chair or chairs with your number on it. The numbers are found next to your names on the vendor list on the blog. I will also provide a card with your table number. They will have a pin so you can pin to your table cover. No table cover? Don’t worry: I pack a mean roll of tape!

Remember, you MUST bring your own tables.

There are no “bad spots” at this show. I have spread readers and service providers so you aren’t lumped all together. You are spread between shop-type vendors, so everyone has a retail “draw”. I don’t anticipate any unhappiness. If, however, something does arise, we will address it together.

Gift Certificates: Make sure you are prepared for every kind of shopper. Have Gift Certificates available in case someone wishes to give YOU for the Holidays! Shop owners, this also applies to you. Get the most out of your vending experience! Also, bring lots of business cards, and consider a little give-away. Attach them to lollipops, stickers, etc. Be creative! Make our guests remember you!

Change: Do not rely on the Elks bar/kitchen to make change for you. Get to the bank and be prepared!

At End Of Show: Please, please, PLEASE clean up and dispose of your rubbish. Last year the organizers had to police the room, and we ended up with a nice collection of paper cups, plates, and water bottles. There are sufficient rubbish barrels. Kindly be considerate and use them.

Finally… Some of the vendor fees go to the Elks Youth Programs. We aren’t permitted to do raffles, etc. but we really wanted to help our fellow vendor, the Animal Rescue Force, and support their good work. We will have a donation box for cat food, dog food, litter, toys, etc. Please help, and remind your friends to pitch in!

Q & A: Have a question? Let me know and I’ll share with all of you. You all know how to find me!

I feel like I’ve made a lot of new friends and contacts, and I look forward to putting faces to names!

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  1. I need 3 chairs for my space. I need two of them for me to do readings and a third for my helper.


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