Para X was conceived in 2010 by Karen Timper and her father Richard Kimmel, who also co-founded New Jersey Ghost Organization over 13 years ago. They received permission from the East Brunswick Elks to hold the Expo at their Lodge. This made perfect sense seeing as the Lodge was a haunted location which the group had investigated on several occasions. Various lodge members had reported to them accounts of paranormal activity. Part of the proceeds from the event have helped the lodges many endeavors over the years, from their Youth Scholarship Committee to Drug awareness mentoring programs.

Para-X took a hiatus after 5 years, largely due to the groups other projects and obligations, which included writing books for the Father-Daughter duo. The event returned last year as “Behind The Veil”, in conjunction with author Katharine Clark and artist Lauren Curtis.

It is a huge undertaking, sometimes overwhelming, but absolutely rewarding. It brings the Public and the Paranormal together, and is also a way to get into the spirit of things for the fall season. It’s serious business for local ghost hunters since they don’t charge for their expertise, and this gives them a chance to bring awareness to the public. Many historical locations fall by the wayside, and groups like these can help. They also aid those families experiencing hauntings in getting the help they need.

Come see the “Haunted Lodge on the Lake” at 21 Oakmont Avenue in East Brunswick, NJ. There is a secret staircase, a bookcase that turns, and more haunting features, right out of a Nancy Drew Mystery Book! Pick up a flyer at the door and discover the history and mystery. You won’t be disappointed!